Ilaria & Alessio

Playfulness and rigor are the cornerstones of Ilaria and Alessio, work and life companions.

Coming from the Empolese countryside and the Pistoia mountains, they meet in luxury catering

The attention to the guests and Alessio's meticulousness lead him to fall in love with the world of the dining room.

Ilaria is influenced by the memory of her grandfather pastry chef and the smell of butter on her hands, and that “Have you eaten? “Of the grandmother, a passionate cook, who, as a gesture of love, took care to make her large family eat enough.

Hence the decision not to choose one or the other path, but to follow both: today she is recognized as a cook as well as a pastry chef.

Years later they choose to move to Montalbano for the vastness of products that these hills are able to offer, with the desire to start a restaurant that is close to the community and start a new journey together.

And so the Osteria del Montalbano was born, a convivial and transparent place, in which to feel at home.


The Osteria del Montalbano offers you a clear but different menu, made up of a few ingredients, researched and studied one by one so that they can create a perfect and recognizable unicum in each recipe.


"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not eaten well."

– Virginia Woolf -


Piazza Francesco Berni, 13

51035 Lamporecchio - Pistoia

Dal Giovedì al Martedì dalle 19.15 alle 22.15

Dal Venerdì alla Domenica anche a pranzo dalle 12.00 alle 14.30

If you want to fully enjoy dinner without keeping an eye on the clock take a look at the Antico Masetto Hotel, located right next to the Osteria, it could also be an extra opportunity to visit Lamporecchio!